Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wanted: One Teaching Job

Kate: I’m afraid I can’t get you a job. But I can get you a sheik, which must be worth something. Hang in there, hot stuff.

Job-hunting, how I loathe thee.

Yet how I love the support I've received from various friends and fellow sufferers as I attempt to find gainful employment. Witness Jaime, several time zones away, who sent me The Sheik and the Virgin Secretary in order to brighten my job-hunting saga. Witness the haiku written by a classmate despairing over ever getting her placement file finished:

Job hunting trauma
Forms, letters, references
Please, God—employment!

It looks like I may have an interview this week down in Olympia. Now, assuming that I actually get the interview, and then assuming that I get the job... do I want to take the position? It would mean moving an hour south of Seattle. Olympia is not nearly so urban, but it is the capital. So my Language Arts teaching would suffer from a lack of theatrical variety, but what a great place to teach Civics!

So, aside from the appalling lack of good Indian food, a Trader Joe's, and all my friends (who will be living in Seattle) it's ideal. After all, in Olympia I can afford to rent (and then eventually buy) a house. The Boyfriend and I grew up in Oly, so perhaps if we moved back our parents would stop nagging us to bear grandchildren. But should I ever reproduce, I would be happy to send my children to any school in the area. I will be closer to the ocean, and Mt. Rainier. And if I move to Olympia, my gardening/pet ownership fantasies are totally within the realm of possibility.

Finally, as nerdy as this is, there's the farmer's market. I know, I know. Seattle has Pike's Place. But let's face it, people. Fighting your way through the crowds at Pike's Place makes even the most good-natured tourist want to poke her eyes out with a Space Needle figurine. Imagine how it feels for the natives, who just want to avoid the flying fish and get some cheap veggies for dinner.

Basically I'm leaning towards Olympia. That is, of course, if they offer me a job (that's right, in addition to all the benefits I just listed, I would be done with my job search).

I guess I just need everyone else to tell me it's okay to leave the metropolis and head towards a smaller, greener town. Be honest, though: does making a fiscally responsible choice at the age of 25 mean that I've turned into a hideous bore?


tagideon said...

Kate if you took a job in Oly you would not be stuck forever - if the shoe didn't fit you could move on.

Theresa said...

Kate, I hate to tell you this, but you've always been a hideous bore. No change in store. . . Just kidding. (Mostly.) Seriously, you have to trust yourself on this one. You have to trust that if it feels right (and that doesn't mean it doesn't feel scary) that it's the right thing, at least for the time being. You can only make plans based on the best information that if you. If you have the misfortune of witnessing a crime and you end up in Iowa in the witness protection program, well, you just never know.

Good luck on the interview!

theflitgirl said...

I just made a fiscally responsible decision (like, my first ever) and I'm 26. But I accepted my dullness a while ago.

To play Devil's advocate, though, how will you feel everytime you hear that little plinky Gery's Anatomy theme (or not, since they never play it anymore) and realize you're NEVER going to meet George because you don't live in Seattle?

Basing career decisions around fictional characters is totally rational, okay?

Kate D. said...

One of my classmates just said to me, "Wouldn't it be humiliating if you didn't get the job?"

Urgh. Now I feel all vomity.

Dylan said...

LOL....well why don't you wait to see if you get the job or not, then freak out or not.

And I don't think you're a bore at all, I love reading your blog, you and the flitgirl are great fun to read about, but does that make me a bore too then? LOL. j/k.

Kate D. said...

I just got back from my interview, folks. I think it went well, but who can really say? Of course now I've realized that I really, really want this job and now I'm agonizing because I didn't actually say the words "critical thinking" and I didn't mention peer-editing in my response to the question about teaching writing.

Sam said...

I always do that, too - second-guessing what I said and didn't say in my interview. Perhaps you could write a thank-you note: "Thank you for the interview. Also, critical thinking! Peer! Editing! Thank you."

Good luck! :) Post/email as soon as you know anything!