Friday, May 12, 2006

Toes on the Cliff's Edge

It's official. I'm afraid to finish my book. I have a quarter of one chapter left to revise and I just...can' it. There's nothing more terrifying than staring into the void of queries, slush piles and rejections.

I have made two baby-steps in the right direction. First, after years of talking, thinking and planning about it, I finally joined RWA (Romance Writers of America, for the uninitiated). I'm going to go to my NY local chapter meeting on June 3rd. I have a huge packet of Editors and Agents in the industry (they're in caps because that's how I think of them) with everything they seek to acquire and their addresses. And it's recent as of May '06.

Second, I've been e-mailing my writer acquaintances and asking if they'll look over my ms. You never know, one of them could love it so much they refer me to their Agent. A girl can dream. Even if they don't, feedback from a professional is always worthwhile.

Finally, I'm going to rework my prologue and first chapter for submission in my first contest on June 1st. With Kate D's copious assistance, of course.

And then I free fall?


Theresa said...

You can do it! I'd write more, but I have to write 2 more paragraphs to finish the paper that is my last requirement for my degree. But you can do it!

Kate D. said...

You can do it, Flitgirl! I have great faith in you. And you've inspired me. I think I'm going to join my local RWA as well.

Sigrid said...

That's so exciting!!! I'm extremely impressed with you! Hurrah!
If you want more readers, I'm so game!

Sigrid said...

I'm going to add onto that that I'm a teacher friend of miss kate d's...I love reading/commenting on drafts, hence the random offer...