Monday, May 15, 2006

Grey's Season 2, First Finale Analysis

Kate D: Okay, watching her freak out in Denny's room I actually felt uncomfortable. I squirmed and covered my eyes because I couldn't stand watching a previously rational woman whine, "What about me? Don't go towards the light!" I was aching for her to get caught.

Flitgirl: DIE DENNY, DIE!!!!
Ahem, now that that's over with. What are the writers doing to one of my favorite characters? She worked her ass off to get out of the trailer park and into med school. She gave up her daughter for adoption to build a better, different life for herself. And now she's declaring "I don't care about my medical career!" for the sake of some unshaven lug who talks through his chin? Did they forget who she is and where she's come from? Is there some in-character justification for this I just don't see? Or did the writers' yank this out of their collective ass because they thought it would be dramatic? Why? WHY??????

Kate D: I agree. It felt like character violation… maybe one of the reasons I was so uncomfortable. And then at the end, when she pulls George into her mess, all I could think was that I hope he doesn’t get in trouble for her stupidity.

I’ve got to say, I’m really not happy with this storyline. One of the things I originally loved about this show was the prevalence of strong female characters—yes, they may have been flawed. But they were brilliant and capable and ultimately admirable. Now, Izzie is a nightmare romance novel heroine—she works really hard for a career and then gives it all up for some toss-pot she barely knows. Ugh. Enough soap opera drama already—we liked it back when the characters had some intelligence!


Flitgirl: I love Sara Ramirez, the actress. She was fantastic in Spamalot. But I'm confused about why Callie has turned from this ballsy here's-my-number chick into whimpering, cowering why-don't-you-like-me-enough girl. I'm not sure if this is realistic character development, but even if it is, I don't find it all that interesting to watch. At least George got some and can move on to a more appropriate (i.e. more sane) love interest. Which, I agree at last with Kate, he deserves.

Kate D: Word on the ballsy-to-cowering transformation. Though, have you noticed that, in addition to the lack of strength, she's started being mean? When we first met Callie, you got this sense that she was Hot Edgy Goth Chick. Now, she’s making fun of Meredith because her puppy has bone cancer. Who the hell does that? Not Nice.
Flitgirl: Okay, I have a confession...I like McDreamy. He's hot. (I just watched the fab ABC Family movie Lucky Number Seven again over the weekend so I'm kind of in a Patrick Dempsey can do no wrong stage). And...I like elevator scenes with Meredith and Derek.

But more than either of them, I love Addison. She's a fantastic surgeon, she's strong and beautiful, she's willing to fight for her marriage, own up to her mistakes, and finally, FINALLY, call Derek on his passive-aggressive victim act. She deserves soooo much better. Hers is the romantic journey I want to follow. Don't ever change, Addie! Mwah.
Kate D: Three cheers for Addie. 'Nough said.

Flitgirl: Holy crap! Keep Burke alive!

Kate D: I’m going to be severely pissed if they do some sort of organ-donor “hardest choice I ever had to make” thing. Who gets the heart—Burke or Denny? Millions of lame women all over America will be squealing in the hopes that Denny lives, while I hurl popcorn at the screen and cheer him towards the light.

Or is it going to be one of these lame-ass things where Denny gets Burke’s heart and we lose Hot Turtleneck Surgeon for Sunken Neck “Virile” Man-Child? Oh, please. I hope not. There's only so much parallel storyline I can take. Besides, Isaiah Washington has created a fascinating, complex, and capable character. Unless the man had contract negotiation issues, I don’t see any way they could ethically replace him with Lame Guest Star Who Needs to Shave.


Kate D. said...

Okay, sorry to be a formatting nerd, but I can't help it. I HATE when blogger deletes my spaces between lines!

Shan said...

Izzie sucks. She's pathetic, boring, and screamed- ACTUALLY SCREAMED- at a heart patient that she decided to fall in love with simply because he was the only witty man that wasn't acting a fool. Lame.
Um, Callie. I was really happy at first when they added a stunning, brilliant, sarcastic, gutsy, not horrendously skinny female character to a top show. Ok, i was elated. But now... now she's getting creepy. I want her to go away.
It was upsetting that dear, wonderful George just sat by and said, "Uh, what're you doing Izzie?" while she acted like a total and complete psycho. The George I know would have tackled her and hugged her into sanity. What the hell?
And Burke can't die. Simple as that. Denny was destined for death from the beginning... he's swarthy, funny, and heartwarming. He obviously must die.
that's all. tonight will decide whether i kick ABC's ass for ruining yet another brilliant show...

Anonymous said...

As always...everything comes together and males sense in the finale...It was OMG!!!

Anonymous said...

Clearly the way the characters have been portrayed as of late wasn't done on accident...everyone in that hospital changed somehow, most likely a 180 turn from how they started out. will it remain that way? i hope not. i want them to get back to semi-normalcy. was interesting to see how different events eventually wore away at the characters with even the toughest exteriors. not everyone can be strong all the time. i think the show is well done. it shows that the strongest of women have weak moments, that "soft" guys can have an edge, and that selfish, jealous doctors who are married and in love with another person are...just that.

Toasty Joe said...

Hmm, I've not heard of this show before. Is it any good?

Kate D. said...

Oh, Toasty Joe. I would love to tell you that it is a good show... but it is quickly devolving into craptacular weepy girl drama.

Toasty Joe said...

"Choose ME! Pick ME! Love ME!"

Kill ME.

theflitgirl said...

"he's swarthy, funny, and heartwarming."

I'll give you swarthy.

anna said...

Can I just ask? Where did you find that picture of Christina and Burke because it isn't up on abcmedianet?

Theresa said...

OK, so I haven't seen the second half yet (don't spoil it), but I could not handle Sunday's show. Seriously. The medicine was too bad. A 12-week fetus going to term in a dead body? Not medically possible. And Denny? I don't think so. So not OK. So illegal. So wrong. Was I only one who hoped she'd get electrocuted when she cut the line with metal scissors?

Kate D. said...

Anna, to find that absolutely marvelous picture of Burke and Christina, go to the abc official website. Click on "Gallery" and then choose the episode "Damage Case." Go through the pictures until you get to the one you want.

theflitgirl said...

Theresa, there are so many reasons I love you and wishing electrocution in Izzy is just one more of them.

simone said...

Ha! Cheers to Toasty Joe -- you summed up my feelings on this show. Why? Why the constant whining?? Let's get back to bomb-in-chest storylines. Move the plot, people. If I wanted to see crappy relationships I wouldn't need to turn on the TV.