Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Final Word on Grey's Finale


Kate D: Is it wrong that in this whole storyline, the thing I liked most was Alex? I mean which would you rather see: Psychotic Barbie having a meltdown, or Evil Seed Ken riding to her unwarranted (but totally hot) rescue? You're right, Flit. There's something wonderful about Alex Karev.

Flitgirl: If you're wrong, I never ever want to be right. That was an uncomfortable moment for me, solely because I was watching the show with a passel of rabid Denny fans (who knew?) who were sobbing their eyes out and I wanted to cheer. At least this story line is over. And the possibility of Izzy and Alex's much more fun type of banter is...?

But really, Izzy didn't deserve her friends to stand up for her like that, and she doesn't deserve to be a doctor. She fell in love with a patient. I know, blah blah can't help who you fall in love with. Bullshit. She didn't have to let herself go down that path. She knew it was wrong. And this is the perfect illustration of why. Her emotional involvement caused her to make stupid illegal decisions that endangered her patient, threatened the hospital and deprived a guy with two kids of a heart.

I'm torn. I want the character on the show, but I'll be really, really mad if they let her get away with this.
Kate D: Yeah, I loved the show of intern solidarity... but her behavior was totally unethical and she didn't deserve it. (The others were a little unethical, too, but I can be forgiving of them.) Still, the sight of George and Alex walking out with her like bodyguards at the end was pleasing. Though I must say, the pink dress only solidified everything that annoyed me about Emotionally Unstable Izzie. Buy your CoDependent Barbie today! Now dressed for the prom! Ick.

Flitgirl: Or a new special series from Harlequin, “I Have No Life Of My Own.” Please get this character back on track. Confused and emotional I can handle. Morbidly self-destructive and feminist nightmare I can not. (BTW I just peeked into the
Writer's Blog on the official site. Holy Crap do people love Denny. Like, want-to-kill-their-husbands-and-children-for-a-chance-to-have-a-real-life-Denny love. What are we missing, Kate?)


Flitgirl: I think Sara Ramirez is gorgeous (and much smaller in person) but it may have been a mistake to pair her with such a little man. They're so well matched I kept thinking they were going to get into a physical altercation in that hallway.

Kate D: Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was waiting for a little domestic violence in the OR... and any hits George got in would definitely be in self-defense. Hm. Can I just say for the record that I'm still in love with George? I realize this puts me in the minority, but I don't care. In fact, I kind of like it. He's mine. All mine.I loved what he had to say to Callie about making it mean something when he said "I love you" back, though I have my doubts that this particular couple will ever actually get there.

And one of my favorite moments of the show had to be when George and Meredith were left in time-out together and he apologized to her for his actions on The Night That Shall Not Be Named. How marvelous. Coupled with his explanation to Callie that Meredith is family, and he can be pissed at her but he'll always defend her? So pleasant. Also, nice that Callie tied Meredith's dress for her after McSkeazy dirty-mistress-ied her up.

Flitgirl: I forgot that dress-tying moment, and I really liked it. But I wonder if it will have repercussions. Callie's not an intern so she doesn't have that loyalty. And she doesn't like Meredith.

George finally admitting his own culpability in The Night of Crying Sex was much needed. Even the rabid Denny-fans/George-haters I watched with agreed.

Kate D: Who are these George-haters? Why are you friends with them? Just kidding. I think. (I feel a need to soften up that last comment with a little punctuation smiley face, but then I would be That Girl Who Crossed Into Emoticon Land and it might be over for me.)


Flitgirl: I feel for Addison so much, but this was inevitable, wasn't it? And...kinda hot? I think this storyline will go in one of two ways. Either: Meredith and Derek get back together and Addison is hurt and has lots of sympathy and finds herself a great new man who appreciates her and loves her and has sex in ORs with her. Or: Meredith won't get back together with Derek because of all the "You did the right thing" talk to the Chief. I think the latter's more likely, but I hope Addie still gets the OR-sex-having new man.

Kate D: Wow. This sex scene revealed that I am actually quite a prude. Here I am, big bad romance novelist-in-embryo... and yet the sight of McDreamy rolling down Meredith's nylons made me blush. It might have been hot, except I kept thinking "You adulterous bastard!" Sorry, Flit. I just can't get behind McDreamy on this one. Now all he needs to do is have sex with Izzie and it can be Lack of Ethics Fest 2006. I think
Nicole B. over on the writer's web said it best when she posted, "So McDreamy and McTramp'n'whiny got it on." (Implication: so what?)

I've got to say that I would love for Addison to meet a man. A nice man. One who is not a surgeon, but is brilliant in his own way. Maybe she could knock boots with McVet. Or maybe they could introduce a professor from UW and they could have hot tweed jacket sex surrounded by books? (Pause. Kate D retreats to her own private fantasy world.)


Flitgirl: Hey it's Tessa Thompson (aka Jackie) from Veronica Mars playing the Chief's niece (You don't want to know how many VM actors I've spotted on this show. I think someone in the casting department has a thing for Kristen Bell). That was a sweet story...but why the hell were all the doctors in the hospital at the prom? Shortsighted much?

Kate D: I think it's so we could see them all in formal wear. And on that subject... awh, Addison was a band geek. How cute is that? And yet how horrible. Poor Addy. You had a horrible prom the first time, and the second time is actually worse because your date/husband is leaving you to screw the intern. Again. And he's not really making a secret of what he's done with the guilty McPuppy Eyes. Bastard.

Flitgirl: Patrick Dempsey, Chris O'Donnell and Justin Chambers in tuxes. I think I see the rationale now.


Kate D: I spent two whole hours screaming at the screen, "What the hell is Christina's problem? Character violation! Violation!" I know the woman has commitment issues, but she was there when Burke needed her after Musical Heart Guy died. I refuse to believe that she couldn't handle this. Thank God for hand-squeezing at the end... I almost had to threaten to stop watching the show.

Flitgirl: That didn't seem like character assassination to me. It was frustrating and painful to watch, but felt in character. Christina's a runner. But more than that, what was in jeopardy here was Burke's future as a surgeon. I don't think there was anyway Christina could process that rationally and put aside her own preoccupations. She's a rather selfish person, still. But I'm glad they pulled them back together. They're still my favorite couple.

Kate D: I guess you're right. She needed time to process. But I'm glad they got them back together... because on the one hand it seemed like she was being selfish, and I couldn’t take it. But then she talked to the chief and I was like "Aha!" And finally she showed up with Burke and I got all warm and fuzzy.

Flitgirl: Oh, that conversation with the chief. Send Sandra Oh her Emmy already. She was heartbreaking.


Theresa said...

OK, this made Sunday a little better. The prom - in spite of the impending death of a teenager - was a much better background plotline than pregnant women dying. What else? I don't hate Denny, but I hate what it did to Izzy, and I think the story actually could have gotten much more interesting and complicated if he lived. (Which, btw, he probably had a heart attack, not a stroke. Did you see him sit up with pain?) Anyway . . . McDreamy - ugh. Addison - needs to leave the loser, because she's cool. My mom has this theory (and yes, I am going for a record for longest comment ever. How could you tell?) that Meredith goes home with McVet, too. Then she gets pregnant. But whose? The theory goes on - I'll let her tell you herself.

Julie said...

Wow! All of this was so insightful. I have never "blogged" before or am I reading a blog and commenting? Not sure of the lingo. I have to say that I was so angry by the sex scene with Derek and Meredith. Doesn't anyone have any control? His wife and her boyfriend were in the next room! Everyone needs to just make a decision....how hurtful. Okay...since this is my first comment I better stop...

Ilana said...

hi there!
I loved Denny and I can't believe he is gone.. Yes - I know he's not real, but he was so so so friggin' wonderful!

i hope we see him in something in the future very soon, and hopefully in a starring role.

rabid Denny fan!

p.s. I blogged about this too - even though my blog is about food -- whoops! www.when-ilana-met-pantry.blogspot.com

theflitgirl said...

Ilana, you weren't convinced by all our reasoned, measured, not-at-all emotional Denny hate?

To each her own, I guess. I'm sticking with Alex.

(And thanks for not commenting with something like "DIE YOU DENNY-HATING BITCHES!!!" Civilized discourse is so much more civilizing)

Suzanne Welch said...

OH am I full of commentary!! Finally saw the season finale last night thanks to Heather's Tivo. I have only cried so hard at United 93...and that actually happened.

I'm going to go ahead and take the "true love is everything" perspective. Was Izzie emotionally unstable? Absolutely. But the way she loved Denny and the way he loved her back was sooooo rare and beautiful. Let's stop being killjoys who are more concerned with ethics than that earthshattering feeling known as true love - which can be a totally destructive and devastating emotion - but which is absolutely worth fighting for. I'm devastated that he died, because everyone deserves to be loved like he loved Izzie. Waaaaah!!!

Meredith and Mcdreamy? HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! He needs to leave Addison once and for all, because he doesn't love her. That's a miserable life. I hope Meredith and Mcdreamy end up together, cause they are so passionately, wildly in love. I didn't say it wasn't also dysfunctional, but I'll take dysfunctional passion over passionless, loveless obligation any day!!

Life is too short not to fight for love. Period. You CAN'T help who you fall in love with, and don't I wish that weren't true. I can't even get into everything else in the show...it was just too much.

Shan said...

ok, so I gotta respond to this. I am a fan of true, passionate, and even semi-dysfunctional love. Hell, I take part in it everyday. However, I also a fan of respect. McDumbass (formerly known as McDreamy) is completely and totally disrespectful to every woman around him. He treats McGaunt (aka: Meredith) like she is his property. Not only does he expect her to drop her panties and screw him on command (sorry ladies, but it's true), but he then goes home to his wife and pretends to give a crap. WHAT THE HELL?!? Why can't either of these intelligent women let go? I realize he is a master manipulator, but seriously. Seriously.
It's not about ethics, it's about showing some frickin' respect for the person you care about. Anyone who really loves another person is not going to completely mess with their head. True love is selfless. Dysfunctional sometimes? Yes. But totally thoughtless and self-absorbed? No.
And Izzie needs to be fired and Burke and Christina need to work it out and Addison needs to move on and make out with someone worthwhile. The end.

Theresa said...

True love doesn't ignore ethics; on the contrary, it depends on them. For Meredith and McUnethical, maybe they're in love, maybe it's just pathological, but if it were really about love, they could have kept their clothes on out of respect for each other and their dates. For Izzy and Denny, their true love has to acknowledge that there are others in the world who are also in love. How can they maintain their love while denying that chance to others?

tagideon said...

Like Susanne, I had to grab for the kleen-ex too - maybe not for the same reason. I liked Denny and thought it was sad when he died(but didn't all of us see that one coming?) I agree with Theresa it would have been more interesting if he had lived. What had me in tears was Doc being put down - that was just plain sad.

Thank you Julie for your reaction to Grey and McDreamy! That was not romance or love. I felt like I was watching the bunnies in my back yard! McDreamy chose McWife but can't stand the idea of Grey getting on with her life. Grey deserves better- so does the She Shepherd come to think of it.

Shan and I are fellow killjoys - Izzy needs to be arrested or stuck in a psyc ward.

Yes Flitgirl - kudos for Alex! Just when I want him to die slowly and painfully he turns to cream and rises to the top!

Let's not forget Bailey - the woman is awesome!

Bottom line, ya gotta love these characters. I look forward to next season and each of the damn scribbling women blog entries. You guys are the best. Keep writing and thanks for the space to for us to think & share.