Monday, May 08, 2006

Grey's Anatomy: Damage Case

I must comment on last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Indulge me. I'm a dork. Without further ado, here are ten things that stuck out about "Damage Case."

(1) Damaged Hillbillies: Ha, ha, ha. A Hillbilly family got into a car crash. The mother powders her face in traction. She refers to her vagina as her "good girl." And the way they're all yelling at each other from various gurneys is like a frantic Walton family hollering goodnight to John-boy... but then it gets sad. And then it gets really sad. And then I start crying and feeling guilty because this poor guy might lose the 22-year-old big haired, hillbilly love of his life and how could I have laughed like that?

(2) Alex-hole: Just when I think I'll never forgive Karev for being an egocentric slime-wad, he does something semi-nice... because let's be honest, the man could never be purely nice, and therein lies the appeal. He might be evil, and he might betray his colleagues and his friends, but he'll never be a saccharine or self-righteous bore like Izzy. What other intern could manage to be morose after saving a baby's life? Who else would belittle an attending with such a complete lack of self-preservation? The man coined the term "She-Shepherd." For that alone, I love him... and I think it would be so, so great if he ended up joining the loathed Vagina Squad.

(3) She-Shepherd: Do you remember those fargone days when Addison was a Harpie Bitch Queen who was not worthy of McDreamy? What a difference a season makes! I have so much sympathy for this woman, and I'm so tired of seeing her make all this effort in her marriage while McFuck-Up (MFU) does his best to string two women along. Yeah, she slept with his best friend and this was a terrible, terrible thing. But she's trying to make amends. She doesn't play the victim every episode. And she doesn't sigh and cast come-hither-not-really gazes on defenseless interns. So I like her better than MFU.

(4) MFU: To all of the fans who persist in viewing Derek Shepherd as Meredith's Tragically Heroic Soulmate, I have this to say to you: stop smoking crack and get over it. This isn't the first time I've expressed my opinion regarding Derek's unfair I-can't-have-you-but-I-fully-intend-to-string-you-along behavior. But he reached new lows in this eppy. This man lied to Meredith about being married. He strung her along as he "made his choice." He keeps stringing her along with warm gazes and regretful one-liners, not the least of which was when he showed up in the wee smas after the bomb threat to say asinine things in Meredith's living room. Now he yelled at her in front of others, called her a whore in the stairwell, and mumbled bitterly that it was over before sweeping off like an over dramatic thirteen-year-old girl. People, it should be over. Really. But I don't think it is. And like me, you should be queasy over that prospect.

(5) Finn-tastic: In striking counterpoint to McTantrum-McAngry-McDouble Standard-McFuck Up, Chris O'Donnell's granola crunching vet is absolutely delightful. The man cooks. He treats Meredith to witty banter. He's not pulling her easy access slut-slut lever and getting her into bed. Instead he gives her wine and teases her that she's scary and damaged. He takes her to look at horse birth. And he's a vet... which makes him a rare breed, indeed. (Check the numbers, people. It's much harder to get into vet school than med school.) His speech at the end made me want to run my fingers through his hair and help him shave. Ah, McVet. Unlike some people you have cause to act like a whiny prima donna... and yet you don't. Marry me.

(6) Don't Mess this Mojo: I've got to say, I am not happy with this week's tension (and season finale's implied tension/breakup) between Christina and Burke. I love them together, and I think the dramatic possibilities within the relationship are much more interesting than creating yet another angsty we-broke-up-and-we've-got-awkward-colleague-stuff-happening dynamic. Was it just last week that we saw Christina comforting Burke after the death of Musical Heart Guy? Come on. More dancing around the kitchen together as Christina brushess her teeth. More competitive board game double dates. Less with the anger. Please? Thank you!

(7) Izzy's Tizzy: We have here a curvaceous, driven trailer park alumna who put herself through college despite the fact that her mother squandered her tuition money on a psychic. Getting to college involved no small sacrifice: in addition to her painfully public career as Bethany Whisper, Izzy also had a painfully secret teen pregnancy that ended with her daughter's adoption. Given all of this, why is she flirting with disaster in the form of DeadMeat Denny? Come on! I like the guy, too, but that's no reason to blow off an entire career. Besides, he's clearly toast. So stop smearing yourself all over the hospital bed already.

(8) Creepy Callie: Was anyone else delicously skeazed by Callie's morning bathroom appearance? It was hilarious, but I've got to say that when The Boyfriend was living with people I always put a shirt on before heading to the bathroom. Never assume that the roommates are gone and you can prance around naked. After all, they pay rent. You don't. But maybe I'm just being critical because I have yet to warm up to George-Callie. Maybe I just can't forgive her for the tragic haircut she inflicted on George. Or maybe I just think she's creepy and a little crazy and living in a boiler room.

(9) You Go, John Cho: Who'd have thought that guy from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle could convey such pathos? I like the fact that the person who caused the Hillbilly Car Crash didn't have a medically valid excuse for his behavior. He didn't get to say to himself, "Oh, I have a tumor so I don't have to feel guilty." Instead, the fact that he was a sleep-deprived intern made it so much more poignant. When he escaped from Meredith to go observe the surgery, my heart broke a little. I'd also like to say the fact that they had an Asian intern makes me so happy... I feel like the multicultural casting on this show breaks a lot of prime time boundaries. It's also an accurate representation of Seattle.

(10) O'Malley Moment: I heart George. Really. Give me O'Malley over McDreamy any day. His interactions with Meredith in this show didn't get much buzz on the writer's blog, but they were the highlight of my Sunday night. He shows compassion. He extends the olive branch. And he still clearly has feelings for her, yet doesn't call her a whore in a stairwell. I can't say more than this. All I know is that I want to watch that scene in the locker room over again, where they're sitting there in awkward silence and he just says, "I'll see you at home." Melt, people. Melt.

Feel free to comment on the episode, my obsession, or the fact that I wrote this when I should be constructing a Personal Impact Plan for the purposes of No Child Left Behind.


Theresa said...

I heart this commentary. Way better than a Personal Impact Plan. Go vets. Boo McDreamy. Why is Denny going to die?

Toasty Joe said...

Shoot me now.

Kate D. said...

Denny seems like the medical equivalent of the extra enson on Star Trek. The enson always dies.

However, I must give Shonda Rhymes props. She does bust our expectations every once in awhile... so maybe Denny isn't toast after all. Regardless, Izzy needs to knock it off with the hormonal hoohah.

Holly said...

Here, here! I've been irritated with McDreamy since like the second episode of the season..and last week sealed the deal. UGH!

Unfortunatly, I missed this week's episode. Stupid MM! LOL

I'm hoping I can covince a friend to mail a copy to me, though. Until then, I agree with most everything you said....The "You don't get to call me a whore" speech was the best! (I read it on another blog)

Stupid GA. I don't want the season to end with a bunch of drama, either!

Simone said...

Kate D., I heart you but I have to disagree here. George has spent the last however many episodes in a huffy dramaqueen tantrum and yet you forgive him in a heartbeat? I agree with you about McAsshole, but George is no better. You have just fallen for his gollygee "Nice Guy" exterior. Have you considered: they're both just idiots deep into feeling sorry for themselves?

theflitgirl said...

Denny's going to die because I hate him. I hate that plot line, I hate the character, and while I'm sure the actor's a very fine and talented fellow, I hate his performance with this character.

ALL HE DOES is mumble bad jokes through his scruffy, tucked-under chin. Bad, bad, bad not at all clever bantery jokes people. And then he says things like "I'm a virile man!" and expects me not to laugh.

Please make him go away.

Okay, confession: I like Alex. I think Alex and Izzy are hot (see, bad boy thing). I like sex in storage closets. (On TV! Sheesh)

I think George is sweet but in a neutered half-man sort of way.

I like Derek, but think he's way to good for Meredith, mostly because she squints too much and talks like a chipmunk.

I love Addison. I love Burke and Christina.

Grey's is definitely my shallow-tv jones. And yet, I often cry at the patients' stories.

Kate D. said...

Simone, I'm sorry. It's nothing personal. But I have a scary stalker crush on a fictitious character and it requires that I disagree right back at you.

I can't interpret his behavior as a "huffy drama queen tantrum." Yeah, he refused to speak to Meredith for awhile... but the man was super hurt. She was hurt and she slept with half of Seattle; he was hurt and he stopped talking to her. Personally I like his methods a bit better--less opportunity to spread STDs.

And to preempt any conversations about how he took advantage of her in her emotionally vulnerable state... oh, please. The woman is always in a state about something. If it's not Derek it's her daddy. If it's not her daddy, it's her mommy. Basically there's never a good time to approach Skeletor the Crisis Queen.

George finally retrieved his balls from the jar where they'd been reposing and told her he had feelings for her. And let us be honest, people. Dear, sweet George is not the kind of man to have oodles of romantic and/or sexual experience (unlike Derek. Unlike Meredith). So when she started seducing him, he stupidly went for it.

And afterwards things were weird, but they didn't get truly bad until he thought she told everyone. And then he reacted instantaneously and had a TOTALLY humiliating moment and was probably feeling really stupid about it. So what did she do? Did she comfort him? Did she avoid him and let it blow over?

No, she asked him if he could "just forget about it and let everything go back to the way it was before." This is full knowing that he had feelings for her. Full knowing that she stomped all over his heart, his pride, and his libido. That was just about the most selfish thing that she could do. And so he got pissed--rightly so.

Being a truly nice guy doesn't mean that you have to be everybody's bitch. He'd reached his point where enough was enough, and he reacted as George often does. This guy is Captain Bottle-It-Up-and-Avoid. Remember when he broke up with Olivia, and avoided talking to her about why? Remember when he went hunting with his brothers, and held in all of his feelings until he finally blew up? It's not just Meredith. It's his pattern.

He wasn't treating her to a special brand of emotional manipulation and groundless possessiveness. So... immature, but still ten times better than MFU.

But I have hope that George will mature, and when he does he's going to be a sexy beast... or did anyone else miss that parellel the writers drew between George and Burke? Yes, people. Someday George will be Burke. Only, without the capability to look hot in turtlenecks.

I think I'm obsessed with George because he is the Man With Integrity. And I like that. Who stood up to McDreamy when that anesthetist was drunk on the job? Who helped Bailey have her baby? Who performed open heart surgery in the elevator? Who joined the nurse's picket lines because he couldn't compromise his beliefs? And who stood between Meredith and her father even though he was still ragingly pissed at her?

To me there is something sexy and strong about silent efficiency and unexpected demonstrations of will.

Simone, I'm sure you will go on thinking he's a jerk in nice guy clothing. Flitgirl, I'm sure that you'll continue to think of him as half-neutered.

And that's fine. Really. Because it's more George for me.

Kate D. said...

God that was a long post. I judge me.

Does it help that I hate Denny, too?

Oh, and I have a real life. It even involves laundry and cooking and a physical Boyfriend who isn't fictitious. Really. I swear.


tagideon said...

The writers have given us likable characters that have flaws. (just like real people)

I thought George was wonderful with the "hillbilly family". He was honest, supportive and strong for them. I'd want that in a doctor. Any one want to comment on how much better his hair looks? :)

Yes, Theresa - "Boo McDreamy" I can see why She-Shepherd cheated! I almost wanted Grey to push him down the stairs!

Loved Kate D's analogy that Denny is like the Star Trek enson; we'd better not get too attached.

I keep in mind all the %&@** Meredith has gone through: Mom's nuts, McDreamy dumped her, Dad didn't care enough to keep in touch with her, her life was in danger with a bomb - which went off giving her a nice view of a guy getting vaporized... any one of those things would make a person "lose it" She did make a regretful mistake with George. Neither of them handled it well - but like I said before they have flaws which is why we all love to watch them!

simone said...

Kate D., I defer. In the face of the genuine passion in that post, I have to believe you're right. You will surely rock upcoming job interviews because you are CONVINCING. Few things could make me want to stop rolling my eyes at George, but Lady Kate's inspiring (is diatribe the right word choice here?) has done the job...for now.
: )

theflitgirl said...

You know what, kind of convinced me. I'm seeing the appeal of George, all of a sudden after that eloquent post. Perhaps it was the "he will one day be Burke" line. Mmmm, turtlenecks.

Please don't ever try to rehabilitate Denny. I think MY heart will give out at that.

Dylan said...

I know, I think you convinced me too! LOL...I didnt really care for George before and I'm really not attracted to George at all, but you made me see all of George's good points!

I like Alex too!

I'm annoyed with Derek...your MCFU name for him is actually fitting right now because he is one major MCFU, but I'm a sucker for McFU's! LOL...

Loved reading your commentary, great oodles of fun! ;)

Good job ladies!

kate p said...

HEY!! Well...found your commentary on the Grey Matter blog and I love it!!! I have almost exactly the same feelings on this subject as you do. Mere/Dere....GET OVER IT PEOPLE.
Addison is kickass. Addison is way awesome. I love Addison...or the "She-Sheppard." ANd Alex with that baby almost broke my heart...because he has a heart!! Wow!!
And John Cho...mad propz.
And George with his peace?? Intensley loveable.
What's NOT TO LIKE about GA???
Except for Mere/Dere that is...