Saturday, May 02, 2009

"Name That Navy Book" Contest: WINNER!

It took us a day to deliberate over your wonderful posts, but we've finally selected a winner for our "Name That Navy Book" Contest!

The lucky recipient of a Debbie Macomber novel is...

(who's certainly had a string of luck recently!)

Congratulations! We will be contacting you and passing along the prize.

Thanks to everyone who participated! So many of the entries were hilarious, and we encourage you to go back and read them. Here's Jaime's entry:

Title: Navy Doc

Tagline: It was not just her arm that needed healing, it was her heart...

Blurb: Marybeth has survived med school, but basic training is even tougher. The injury that might threaten her career in surgery is less threatening than the injury that Dr. Mike, the senior resident, might inflict on her heart. Is this officer a man of honor, or an open wound? She may be a Navy doc now, but how will she know if her ship has come in?

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Jaime said...

Man, I love this blog. I'd like to thank the Brown Band, for giving me the crucial early training in terrible puns that got me this far, and Kate, for giving me a romance novel about an art teacher that was mind-blowing.