Monday, April 20, 2009

Contest: Name that Navy Book!

How's this for inspiring cover art?

Did you ever read any of Debbie Macomber's "Navy" books? She wrote them for Silhouette Special Edition, and they had names like Navy Husband and Navy Woman. Theresa and I discovered these books while she was pondering whether or not to join--you guessed it--the navy. Not only did we greatly enjoy all of the "Navy" books we picked up at the used bookstore, but we took great pleasure in annotating them with our comments and sending them off to China, where our good friend Riley was working for the Peace Corps.

It was lighthearted reading for a transitional time in all of our lives. We were fresh out of college, starting to pursue our own career paths... all of us agonizing over what the future might hold, and all of us making dating choices that definitely do NOT belong in a romance novel.

Fast forward six years later: Riley, Theresa, and I are all happily married. Theresa is a full-fledged Navy doc, married to someone from her program! That's right, her man is an officer and a doctor. Be still, my heart.

Theresa's other half has been in Iraq for the past few months, but he's scheduled to come home soon. April also the month of their anniversary! So many reasons to celebrate...

Post your best wishes for the happy couple here, or join us in a contest in their honor! We think this doctor duo deserve their own book in the "Navy" series. Post a title, a tag line, and a blurb that does justice to this double-Navy-doc romance.
Contest closes on Thursday, April 30th @ 11:59pm (PDT). Multiple entries allowed.

Winner gets one of the Macomber Navy books!

Here's an example from one of Macomber's books:

Navy Blues

She needed just one night with him . . .

Despite her ex-husband's bullheadedness, Carol Kyle knew he'd be the perfect man to father the child she so desperately wanted. Yet she also realized that the strong, honorable man would never allow his child to be raised without a father. So Carol needed to plot, to plan, to maneuver, to seduce Steve into her bed for one last time . . . And then once more. Still, the passion when they were together was never the problem - it was the absences that tore them apart. Had they grown enough to chance trying again - especially when Carol's plan seemed about to work?

(For our long-time fans: yes, this is a re-post with slight tweaking.)


Theresa said...

Tee hee hee! I'll have to think on this one.

Jaime said...

Title: Navy Doc
Tagline It was not just her arm that needed healing, it was her heart...
Blurb: Marybeth has survived med school, but basic training is even tougher. The injury that might threaten her career in surgery is less threatening than the injury that Dr. Mike, the senior resident, might inflict on her heart. Is this officer a man of honor, or an open wound? She may be a Navy doc now, but how will she know if her ship has come in?

Anneliese Kelly said...
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Anneliese Kelly said...

For the record-- I consider myself officially disqualified from this contest, as your co-blogger. Plus, Toasty will kill me if I start taking on your excess books right before we move. But I must partake of the Navy madness.

Title: Navy Lady

Tagline: They may be 20,000 leagues under the sea, but he'll still show her the stars!

Blurb: Blue-blooded New England doctor Theresa never thought she'd find herself on board a submarine*. Her privileged upbringing consisted of equal parts etiquette training and anatomy lessons. But when her family fortunes took a nosedive, she signed on with the Navy...and wound up on Commander James'crew. James is a rugged, backwoods doctor from Alaska who dismisses Theresa with one glance. He can't afford any distractions on his watch, and this pampered beauty causes a scene wherever she goes. But when a galloping croup sweeps through the crew, Theresa and James are forced to work together to save their ship. There's more than just infectious disease spreading through this underwater sick bay--there's a love epidemic!

*Yes, I know women can't serve on submarines. It's called artistic license :)

Kate Diamond said...

"Is this officer a man of honor, or an open wound?"

"There's more than just infectious disease spreading through this underwater sick bay--there's a love epidemic!"

Fabulous one-liners, ladies.

Toasty Joe said...

"They may be 20,000 leagues under the sea, but he'll still show her the stars!"

Sounds like a science fiction movie.

Toasty Joe said...

Title: Admiral Baby

Tagline: All aboard for hi-jinx on the high seas!

Blurb: It's "all rattles on deck" as Admiral Baby invades the Navy! After spunky tot Timmy O'Toole gets kicked out of his preschool class for spiking his teacher's coffee with laxative, his Navy officer parents enlist him in the U.S. Navy to teach him a valuable lesson in discipline. But Timmy surprises everyone with his charm, his fun-loving personality, and, most of all, his mastery of obscure nautical seamanship. Before long, he's risen to the rank of Admiral, churning up a ton of pacifiers, broken baby bottles, and soiled diapers in his wake! So climb aboard the U.S.S. Fun! Timmy will be waiting!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Best wishes to the happy couple!

I don't have a title, tag line, or blurb, but I must say that I think it would be awesome to attend a Navy wedding.

All those uniforms...