Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Meet Kate

Kate Diamond writes light-hearted romance full of sass and sizzle.

Day Job: high school English teacher

Hails from: Washington state

In your next life? I'll come back as a history professor who knows many foreign languages!

Preferred writing snack: something salty, like popcorn or Cheez-Its.

Best romantic moment from a TV show:
Season two of Friends, "The One Where Ross Finds Out." We go from Rachel's blind date drunk-dial to Ross checking his messages--hilarious dialogue, great physical comedy. Then there's all the sexual tension of the cafe argument and (finally!) the hot rain kiss.

Who are your favorite heroines from romantic fiction?

  • Anne Shirley - As a child, I wanted to be Anne--she was so feisty, so intelligent, and so unique. She went to college, she was a writer, and she married Gilbert Blythe. Even when I was seven, this sounded like a recipe for a happy life!
  • Elizabeth Bennet - Romance novelists must love Austen's fiesty heroine. I believe it's a law. Who wouldn't enjoy reading (and re-reading) a novel full of one-liners from this vivacious, spunky heroine?
Who are your favorite heroes from romantic fiction?
  • Gilbert Blythe - Clearly, I am obsessed with all things L.M. Montgomery (though must admit to never liking Teddy from the Emily books. I thought Perry and Dean were much more interesting).
  • Mr. Darcy - He could talk about my "fine eyes" any day of the week, and I would be one happy woman. Oh, Fitzwilliam. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.
  • Agent Seeley Booth - I am a Bones fan because of him. (Yeah, I had to dip into TV for this one.) Honorable, capable, and incredibly easy on the eyes. May future seasons bring us many shirtless scenes!
Who's your favorite real-life romance hero? Mr. Marvelous, my husband of seven months. In addition to being a total hottie, he's also a supreme sweetheart. He always takes out the trash, does most of the laundry, and cheerfully eats Honey Smacks for dinner whenever I refuse to cook.


Theresa said...

Remember the tree in PEI - "Gilbert, Where are you?" Exactly.

Anneliese Kelly said...

We all married Gilberts, and I give LM all the credit for it. :)

Shelli Stevens said...

I love it! I don't know if I could answer half of those. To specific :P

Rob said...

I think the coolest thing about this blog is the romantic fiction shorthand that pops up in the comments section. Like in another thread, there was a reference to the "Regency subgenre," that just sort of sat there as if the blog readership was like, "Oh yeah - regency subgenre. Of course!"

I study literature for a living and I have no idea what the "Regency subgenre" is. I guess it speaks to the general lack of communication between "literary" and "genre" fiction (a totally arbitrary distinction anyway). Or maybe I just didn't pay enough attention in comp. lit. classes.

...well, that's the best I can do. I'm totally out of my depth as far as romance novels go. It seems that all the ones I read and force my students to read involve one of the lovers being a total moron and the other one dying from neglect. Ah, academia!

Eleise said...

Your over me? When were you... under me?

Such a brilliant line!

Eleise said...

Even with my bad grammar.


Sigh of shame.

Kate Diamond said...

Eleise, I love you!

That's my favorite part of the episode, especially with Rachel leaping on Ross's back and then the phone falling in the sink.

Tara said...

In case I ever wondered, you've just reminded me of all the reasons to love Kate -- she loves everything I love!
side note: I was always jealous that you were more Anne and I was more Diana (fearing that I'd get the lumpy and uninteresting Fred). But, in true Diana fashion, I just had to love you (Fred notwithstanding). :)
Luckily, sometimes life is better than fiction -- we both got Gilbert-esque husbands - no Freds to be found in our crowd. (Phew! What a relief!) :)

Mom said...

Yes, Kate had a thing for Gilbert but ask her why she likes light houses...two words, Gus Pike

Anonymous said...

What a fun web page. Kate diamond sounds like a fun person who I would like to decorate cookies with while getting a little tipsy off the bottle. Wow! I swear I didn't mean that to be sexual.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

*Sigh* Gilbert Blythe...

P.S. Love your tag line!

Hallie said...

No Margaret Hale/John Thornton fans, hmm? I'm just Elizabeth Gaskell a ton lately. :)

Jenny Girl said...

Well very nice to meet you Kate! I see we definitely have some things in common. Seely Booth is a favorite hottie of mine also. I usually follow all ex-Buffy or Angel stars.