Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Meet Anneliese

Anneliese Kelly writes heartfelt romance charged with heat and spiced with humor.

Day Job: PhD student in Victorian and Romantic literature; college composition instructor.

Hails from:
New York City

In your next life?
Cabaret crooner on top of a piano in a slinky dress slit up to there.

Preferred Writing Snack:
Cheese...any kind of cheese. And crackers. Any kind of cracker.

Best romantic moment(s) on film:

Dev's rescue of Alicia at the end of Hitchcock's Notorious. Cary Grant. Ingrid Bergman. Swoon.

The Kiss from season 1 of Veronica Mars. Veronica and Logan go from bitterest enemies to jumping each other's bones outside the Camelot Motel. Hot.

Who are your favorite heroines from romantic fiction?

Anne Elliot from Persuasion, the original second-chance romance by the incomparable Jane Austen. Watching forgotten, faded Anne bloom into love, beauty, and self-appreciation is an evergreen delight.

2. Valancy Stirling. The heroine of L. M. Montgomery's The Blue Castle is--like Anne Elliot--a little too old, a little too timid, and very over-looked. When she has a medical scare and decides to live for herself, she becomes a character you can relate to and admire.

3. Leda Etoile. My favorite Laua Kinsale heroine, from The Shadow and the Star. A regular girl with a backbone of steel.

Who are your favorite heroes from romantic fiction?

Frederick Wentworth. Anne's counterpart in Persuasion is wounded lover, hardened warrior, sarcastic ladies' man, and repententant returning suitor all at once. Plus, the man writes a damn fine letter (You pierce my soul, Frederick).

2. Barney Snaith. Valancy's husband in The Blue Castle is witty and funny and adventurous and every bit her free-spirited match. Both of these couples--Anne and Frederick, Valancy and Barney--are truly best friends, as well as lovers. So important in life, so rare in fiction.

3. Christian, Duke of Jervaulx. My favorite Kinsale hero, from Flowers from the Storm. Mad, bad, and dangerous to know, but always able to smile, even when his brilliant mind gives out and his body betrays him.

Who's your favorite real-life romance hero?
My husband of almost two years, Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. He walks the dog every morning, always moves the car on street-cleaning days, and never fails to pick up a bottle of Pellegrino just when we run out.


Kate Diamond said...

I truly love Valancy! Oh, and Captain Wentworth! They're not on my list, but perhaps they should be... Blue Castle remains one of my all-time faves.

Theresa said...

I knew I loved for a reason. Lots of them actually, and turning me onto V. Mars is only the least of it.

Now that the DSW are storming the blog world again, do you gals have any insight into why the Regency subgenre took off? Other than the obvious escapism, why not the Georgians or Victorians or Edwardians? And how crazy do the Brits think we are for that obsession.

Love, your friend who read Mary Balogh's entire Bedwyn series in about 4 days.

Theresa said...

oops, that should say "I knew I loved YOU for a reason"

Anneliese Kelly said...

Theresa, 2 answers: Austen. Heyer. From hence all Regencies flow.

If you've never read The Grand Sophy, you need to bookmooch it right now. Or before the husband returns home, while you actually have time to get some reading done.

Martha said...

Oh, I love The Grand Sophy! I should really read more Heyer; her characters are so much fun.