Friday, April 21, 2006

The Silliness of Publishers

I liked Stephanie Meyer's Twilight as much as the next girl (probably more, unless "the next girl" is Kate D. or some other possibly-too-old-for yet captivated-by teen-centered, extremely chaste romance reading type). I'm looking forward to the sequel, New Moon, out in September.

But I would not follow the lead of the publicists at Little, Brown and call the series "well on its way to literary immortality."

Immortality. I'll say it again. IMMORTALITY. That's... Shakespeare. That's...Mozart. That's The Illiad, for fuck's sake.

Words have meanings, people. Try to use them as if they did.


Holly said...

Huh? Did I miss a memo? IMMORTALITY??? How 'bout...NO!

Kate D. said...

I am not okay with the phrase "immortality." Bella Swan is interesting, but she's no Rosalind, Kate, or Ophelia.

I'm also a little worried by the series aspect of this... Twilight was great as a stand-alone, but what happens to a fun idea when it becomes a franchise?