Saturday, April 08, 2006

It's the End of the World As We Know It...

... and I feel ecstatic.

My student teaching is done, and in light of the fact I'll spend part of my spring break finishing up with grading, I've decided to order myself a copy of
Don't Look Down as a "reward read." My endless March is finally over, which means I can also avoid working on my novel my checking my horoscope. Yay for a distraction you can count on every month! And so much more fun than losing your cell phone and going into hysterics as you calculate just how expensive it will be to pay off a thieving someone else's three-hour phone call to Borneo...

(The phone was actually down in my car, in the back seat. It was located by The Boyfriend who, unlike me, has an ability to remain calm in unexpected situations.)

Also of interest this week: I did a guest writing stint for my friend Theresa's knitting blog. Though I don't knit, I do watch Grey's Anatomy... and there was knitting involved in last week's episode. So I employed the only expertise I had and talked about that!

What I didn't do, because Theresa's blog isn't about obsessing over romance novels, was talk about the Big Moment O'Malley had with Meredith's deadbeat dad. Luckily, however, I have a forum here!

The writers on Grey's have done such a great job of building a parallel between George/Meredith/McDreamy and Thatcher/Ellis/Richard. If all plays out as it did in the past, then McDreamy will stay with his wife, George will be "broken," and Meredith will end up bitter and alone. But what makes the parallel truly interesting is that they're starting to mess with it.

George stood up for Meredith (to Thatcher, no less!) and really protected her from having to deal with her dad. He then went on to kiss Ortho Doc who, while hot, doesn't actually have any chemistry with him. And Meredith went to pick up the dog and met hot vet Chris O'Donnell. I dub the vet "McSwoony" and pay homage to his beautiful Henley shirt.

Said the boyfriend, after watching the show: "Do you realize that practically all the men have ruggedly wholesome five o'clock shadow? Do they know that some people in the Pacific Northwest actually shave?"

So now I'm torn. On the one hand, I think it would be very interesting on a writerly level to implode the parallel and actually have Meredith someday get with George, thus breaking the icky pattern her parents set (this, of course, would have to happen somewhere in Season Five or so...) But on the other hand, I'm seriously drooling over McSwoony O'Donnell. What are the chances of keeping him on the show? Yummy yum yum.

But let us be clear: I lust for O'Donnell, but I love O'Malley. What a sweetheart. What a competent doctor! What a wonderful thing that he's finally getting a haircut!

People, let me know: where do you stand on the Grey's issue?


Theresa said...

As long as they don't cancel the show, I'm happy to watch. Haven't seen the hot vet, yet, though, but I did read a romance novel on the plane (yes, I did) that involved a vet, etc. When you buy British Cosmo, they wrap it in plastic and include a free romance novel. How cool is that?

theflitgirl said...

No way, boyfriend actually watches Grey's with you? Yes, Joe retreats to the bedroom, with the door emphatically and pointedly closed (though I notice he does always come out to hear the start of Meredith's opening monologue, which I do a pretty wicked imitation of).

Kate D. said...

Yes, the Boyfriend watches Grey's! I'm allowed to have a crush on George if he's allowed to have lustful thoughts about... well, pretty much every female on the show.

I need to figure out a way to be Yang for Halloween. Unfortunately, my scrubs are the wrong color.

Toasty Joe said...

Please see for a cogent analysis of why Grey's Anatomy is the most reprehensible show to hit the airwaves since Sex and the City went off the air. See the post all the way at the bottom of the home page.

Kate D. said...

Oh, Joe. Why must you mock such a fine, fine show? I left you a little comment on your site, but all I have to say is this: Chris O'Donnell, with 5 o'clock shadow, acting like a vet from Seattle!

Mwah... that is my melty noise. If I wasn't already hooked, I would be now.

Dylan said...

I like George but not for Meredith, I'm still in the McDreamy camp, although I wouldn't mind it at ALL if Meredith got with McSteamy who I just KNOW is goign to come back because I've been praying REALLY hard for him to come back!!

I missed the ep where McSwoony came on, but gosh I really hope they reshow it because I'd seriously LOVE to watch it!