Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time Management How-To

Chassily Wakefield, a local author, has a great article up at 1st Turning Point. It's all about time management for the unpublished author. If you've never checked out this website, you really should. It's authors sharing tips on promotion. Good times! And Chassily's article is fabulous. (My favorite line: "Map out a 24-hour day and a 7-day week. Sorry, that’s all you get.")

Check it out! And let me know what you think.


Ann Charles said...

I love how Chassily breaks down a week by day and hour to make us think about how much time we really have each week for writing and promoting. Great article!

Ann Charles

Jacquie Rogers said...

Chassily's article is spot-on and speaks directly to me. I'd sure be a lot better off if I'd follow her advice--which I do, for one day in a row. :wince:


Wendy Delaney said...

Great advice here. Sure wish we could have more than a 24-hour day though! Thanks, Chassily!