Monday, June 14, 2010

Crazy Week

Hot on the heels of Chassily's time management article (scroll down), I must confess that poor time management skills last week kept me from blogging, querying agents or writing. My week was completely routed by a bad case of the romance heroine syndrome TSTL. And what, you ask, is TSTL?

Too Stupid To Live.

You know the heroine who goes into the basement rather than locking the door? TSTL. The one who leaves the car and decides to walk alone along the deserted road? TSTL. Or the classic Pacific Northwest TSTL heroine - the one who leaves her car sunroof open overnight.

It rained. I opened the car door Wednesday morning to an inch of water in the cup holder. I had to leave my coffee on the front porch while I drove Big Boy and Miss Bossy Boots to school.

Right, that would be merely a head-pounding dumb mistake, except that it was the second time this particular heroine has done that with this particular Subaru. In Seattle we have auto-detailers who specialize in dry-outs. I am now a valued repeat customer. (Readers, the real test of a hero: not whether he knows your morning coffee, but how he reacts when you call and say you left the sunroof open ... again. Mr. Richland was very polite, rather like a classic Amanda Quick or Julia Quinn hero. Perhaps he left his office and pounded a villain to a pulp before catching his bus home, but he was a prince about this.).

Do I have any TSTL sisters out there, real or fictional? Please help me feel better and offer a story to share with Mr. Richland, who kindly let me drive his convertible for the past five days. So bring on the dumb mistakes, the TSTL sisterhood, the "how could I?" moments. Thanks!


Lori Lyn said...

My clothes dryer was on the fritz. The sensor to shut it off when you open the door failed and it kept tumbling. Instead of accelerating the timer so it would shut off, I opened the door AND STUCK MY WHOLE ARM IN to get out one stupid towel. Yup, paddle grabbed my arm and nearly ripped it off me - well, that's how it felt, anyway.

That's just one story. So, I can total relate.

Anna Richland said...

Yep, that's the classic spatula in the Kitchen Aid mixer/spatula ejected across the kitchen maneuver - but with your arm??? Holy cow!

I haven't had your dryer problem, but Mr. Richland did call the Maytag guy to repair ... what was a blown fuse. And Mr. Richland did once earn an electrical engineering degree. (In a different century.)

Anonymous said...

You are flattering me..............................................................