Saturday, October 17, 2009

Partied Out

On Monday, I was planning to do a recap of the Emerald City Writers' Conference. Clearly that didn't happen! Apparently you have to recover from a conference before you blog about it.

All week long, I've been in slug mode: lots of laying around, reading my new books (the swag was awesome this year!) There was also all that family stuff that fell by the wayside while finishing up my conference committee obligations. Today's been the week for calling back cousins and actually making dinner for my husband. (That's right. Mr. Marvelous subsisted on Cheerios and did ALL of the housework for two weeks--without complaining! I felt he deserved some super suppers in thanks.)

Happily, I am all rested up now and the husband has been duly fed. So, here is my belated recap!

The best part of conference is always the people: reconnecting with old friends (Shelli Stevens, Anna Richland) and making new ones (Chassily Wakefield). We were lucky to have some excellent agents and editors this year, and I enjoyed conversing with them. I also had my first conversation with the fabulous Cherry Adair, which was an unexpected treat. In addition to being talented and generous, she's also incredibly funny!

I was behind a desk for most of Saturday, but I did get to attend "Warrior Writer" with Bob Mayer... and now that I've sufficiently recovered from conference, I think I need to put some of those workshop ideas into practice. Details later--for now, I've got to get off Blogger and finish reading his book!

In closing, thanks to everyone who made it such a great conference. As a committee chair this year, I really appreciated all the support! As an attendee, I appreciated the fun. And as a shameless fan of kareoke, I appreciate the discretion regarding my rendition of "We've Only Just Begun." More and more, I'm coming to realize that I'm a social being in a solitary field. Going to conference always recharges my writing batteries, and this year was no exception.

Question: what inspires you to write? Alternatively, what is the most inspiring memory you have of a writing conference?


Anna Richland said...

Rooming with you! Inspiring!

Seriously, the Cherry Adair challenge at ECWC has changed me as a writer, given me focus and goals that I know I can achieve. Seeing others who have finished the challenge actually sell their "damn books" always brings me close to tears.

Much more but I'm going to work too!

Vivi Andrews said...

I wish wish wish I could have gone to ECWC this year! I'm emerald with envy. It sounds like it was an amazing conference.

My most motivating times at conferences are always the unscheduled moments of camaraderie with other authors - like sitting the bar at two a.m. debating the relative merits of house fires vs. explosions vs. floods to throw at your poor characters. Too much fun! The creative energy is always so amazing.

My next conference is RT this spring. I can't wait.

Kate Diamond said...

You both make me smile. I can't wait for the 2010 conference... oh, wait. Yes I can! I have to complete Cherry's challenge and I'll probably need the whole year to do it.