Saturday, October 24, 2009

Identity Crisis

It's T-minus three days until the e-release of The Ghost Exterminator: A Love Story. I'm psyched, folks. It's my first book-length release from Samhain.

I like writing in a variety of different lengths - novella, novel, and epic novel - and each one is a little different. One thing I enjoy about the longer formats is the ability to delve a little deeper into the characters.

The Ghost Exterminator was fun for me because I got to really get to know my heroine, Jo Banks. She isn't your average romance heroine.

Though is there really an average romance heroine? We all want our characters to be unique and memorable, but at the same time easy for readers relate to.

Jo is definitely unique. She sees ghosts and exterminates them for a living. She dyes her blonde hair black and dresses up like a punkette, but she has the body of a Playmate and the disposition of a snarky cheerleader.

Jo is a mish-mash of styles and she's very defensive of her status as a rebel, but what really makes her real to me, what makes me love her, is the fact that through all her experimental phases, she's just trying to figure out where she fits in the world. She isn't sure who she wants to be - and it just might turn out that rebel-ghost-girl Jo Banks is really a soccer-mom waiting to happen. This story, and her relationship with her polar-opposite Wyatt Haines, give Jo the chance to figure out who she really wants to be. Whoever that is.

What makes your heroine unique? What do you love most & hope readers will love most about her?

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Oscar Wilde: "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."


Kate Diamond said...

I'll get back to you on the heroine question. For now, I'm hoping to hear a little more about Wyatt Haines!

Vivi Andrews said...

Of course, Kate! I love gabbing about my characters. :)

Wyatt is a Suit - though a quite dishy one. He's practical and analytical and his head is firmly planted in running his mega-successful resort chain. He most certainly does NOT believe in ghosts - until they start haunting one of his inns.

Autumn Jordon said...

First, Vivi. Congrats on the release. I wish you mega sales.

My heroine in Evil's Witness, Stephanie Boyd, isn't all that unique (other than she's a target of the Russin Mafia) but more, most women will idenity with her. I think that connection is important. How about you?

I love the quote too.

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Vivi Andrews said...

I totally agree we have to be able to connect with the heroines. I tend to love characters who are a little odd, and on the surface quite different from me, but I connect with their heart, you know?

Thanks for visiting, Autumn!