Friday, August 28, 2009

Sunshine Delay

I was supposed to post my final dialog comments today but I ran off to the circus (well, the Evergreen State Fair) with Big Boy, Miss Busy Boots, two all-you-can-ride wrist bands and a pony ride punch card. The rule in my household: you must tour all the animal barns, at least one hokey show (clap for those All-Alaskan Racing Pigs, especially Harry Porker), milk the fake cow and admire the 4-H displays before any midway rides. Am I a grinch or what?

In lieu of much here, please visit Amanda Forester's fabulous website that went live last week. She's a fellow Greater Seattle RWA member with her first book due soon and she dares to undress the knight in shining armor.


Kate Diamond said...

It is not a county fair without piglets.

That's all I'm saying.

Anna Richland said...

But this is the State Fair so they are Racing Piglets (from another state, but who cares). My son did point out that it was smaller than the Puyallup, which we usually "Do" in September. I couldn't see pulling him out of his first or second week of kindergarten to go to the fair, and I am not crazy for crowds so I don't go on the weekend.

I suppose it would generate tons of traffic to ask which fair people prefer?