Monday, August 14, 2006

Relocated... and soon to be scribbling

Since I’ve been whining about the horrors of moving, it seems only fair that I admit to the fact that I absolutely love my new home. Olympia, the small but intriguing port city of my youth, has reclaimed my affection along with my residency!

(Yes, I know this is a website devoted to Damned Scribbling Women… but forgive me! I’ve been so busy lately with baby showers, weddings, and moving that I haven’t had time to scribble. Or even, tragically, read romance novels. For now, all I can offer you is an Ode to Olympia.)

Being an hour south of Seattle means that I can get more for my money, and I must say I’m loving the apartment amenities. I haven’t had a dishwasher in two years, so having one now is lovely… and I’ve never enjoyed having a washer and dryer in my own home. Three cheers for that innovation! No more wandering down to the basement with a bag full of quarters and underwear, hoping no one else is already washing her knickers…

I’m also fully settled into my kitchen which, unlike my last kitchen, contains (a) storage space and (b) electrical outlets. I’m happy to report that, after a mere fortnight in residence, the spice cabinet has already taken on an alluring odor of marshmallows and cinnamon. Mmm… makes me want to bake…

In fact, I christened the oven with a blackberry pie. This baby was homemade from the crust on up—I even picked the blackberries myself, from a wild patch on the other side of my little patio. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve been exceedingly spoiled in the berry arena. When I lived in New England, I hated buying berries at the grocery store. It seemed like cheating, somehow. But now I can get sticky, prickly purple fingers to my heart’s content… I’ll be making at least one more pie before the season’s over.

Three of my five items already listed, and (like Erica) I’m still focused on the proper care and feeding of my oh-so-spoiled stomach. I’m happy to report that I now live within walking distance of my favorite coffee roaster, Archibald Sisters, my favorite store on earth since approximately 1988. It’s not the random assortment of Curious George lunchboxes and statue of David magnet sets that attract me. No, those are fun, but it’s the perfumery in the back that’s held my attention for almost twenty years. I used to spend hours trying all of their different scents—much to my mother’s chagrin. Sadly, I am no stranger to the phrase “You smell like a whorehouse,” though these days I stick to the demure Peach Rose blend.

And there you have it. Reasons to enjoy my new location. Next time, I promise, I shall wax rhapsodic about something involving romance novels! But in the mean time... tell me five things you love about your home!


Theresa said...

Right now I'm loving sitting here with my Mac on the other side of the table from my boy with his Mac. Too cute. We NEED to catch up soon!

theflitgirl said...

Your boy! YOU are too cute. I'm calling you.

Okay, five things I love about New York:

1. Central Park. I don't understand people who leave the city to get a lawn. Why would you give up acres and acres of the most beautiful park in the world, with quiet spots and noisy spots and sunny spots and shady spots, for a postage stamp-sized piece of grass you have to mow yourself?

2. Walking the streets. In my time off from work, I've become a true flaneur. I love walking and just watching the people around me, taking in the city as it changes and stays the same.

3. Grocery stores on every corner. I think driving to buy groceries is a travesty.

4. Autumn skies. The bluest blue there ever was.

5. Bookshelves as decor. In a small apartment, there's not need for paint or posters or window treatments.

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh isn't that great to have a washer & dryer in your house?
I didn't realize until I lived on my own for a few years. Wow did I miss it.
Nice to here you are settling in.
I love homemade blackberry pie. It is sooo good. I really have to get picking out there. The bush in my backyard doesn't yield that much. But it is good for adding to yogurt for breakfast!

1. My garden oasis.

2. The big, big living room.

3. The proximity to the best coffee house & 5 * dining less than one block!

4. Views of mountains and trees from all windows. Less than 5 minutes from large river & winter home of the Bald Eagle (cool to hear them in bed in the morning)

5. 3 bathrooms! (only 1 with shower but still)

ames said...

Olympia sounds great! And very jealous of the berries. We have a raspberry bush in our backyard-but they're gone right away (I'm greedy).

I love Winnipeg because this was the one place I considered home. Being a military child-I didn't stick in one place long enough. But Winnipeg was always home-and yet I'd never lived here before 2000.

erica said...

I just ate lunch and yet I'm hungry again reading about blackberry pie! Five things I love about California/home:
(1) a fully-stocked refrigerator
(2) home-cooked meals
(3) being among trees and golden hills (so it's just dead grass, but work wtih me here)
(4) newspapers that take more than five minutes to read
(5) fresh produce of all sorts

Sam said...

Things I love about Somerville/Boston:

1. I don't care what people say, Boston is a wicked friendly city. I just spent my morning building a tool shed with some folks who have plots in my community garden, people smile and wave from their porches...I have a nice conversation with a stranger just about every time I go out.

2. Not having to have a car! Walking is fabulous, the T is fabulous, and Zipcar is fabulous: cheaper, environmentally guilt-free (or guilt-reduced, anyway), and if they break down, it's not my problem!

3. Four distinct seasons that are just like seasons should be (according to the books I read as a kid, which are the foremost authority on everything).

4. Right now, the ability to go to 2 farmers' markets a week within a mile of my house and buy tomatoes and peaches and eggplant and arugula and fresh bread and assorted other deliciousness. And dude, we do have berries in New England, too.

5. There's no "downtown" Somerville or Cambridge; instead we have a lot of squares with shops and restaurants and community projects. It makes everything feel like a small community, rather than a spread-out city where you drive to something, get out, do what you came for, and go home.

...You unwittingly hit on My Favorite Subject. This could be soooo much longer. Count yourself lucky. :)

Kate D. said...

Sam, I know you have berries in New England! I just never saw wild blackberries anywhere... but I covet the blueberries. Oh, the blueberries.

And the New England cranberry bogs. Did I mention the cranberries?

Dylan said...

Sounds like a really cool place to live!