Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mohamed rips off a tiny chunk of the mountain

Kate D and I are busy women. We have work and school and relationships. We have friends and family we need to call occasionally, and we have novels to write.

We also have mountains of unread books. So we've joined Brianna's To Be Read Pile Challenge, in which we must read one book from our stacks that was recommended to us by another reader. Kate is reading Libba Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty — based on my recommendation on this very blog, I'm proud to note — and I'm reading Lani Diane Rich's Time Off For Good Behavior, based on the recommendation of pretty much the entire romance community.

We've got till the end of the month, so we'll check back soon with our reviews. In the meanwhile, why don't you dig into your stash, too? We've got some past reviews here to guide you (turn eyes to scrollbar at right).


Mailyn said...

I now actually have a TBR pile. I am so ashamed of myself it's not even funny. what the hell happened to me?!?! I used to be able to devour books like there's no tomorrow.

old age is getting to me. :(

Kate D. said...

I don't think of it as old age... I prefer to think of it as life becoming full of "To-Do," some of it which is enjoyable, and some of it which just pays the electricity bill!

I know what you mean, though. It used to be that if I didn't finish a romance novel in one sitting, it wasn't very good. Now, I don't have that kind of time to commit in one day!

theflitgirl said...

I've always had a TBR pile because I'm a compulsive book buyer. My great dream is to one day own a domicile large enough to accomodate all my books.

Kate D. said...

Ooh, me too! Although I suppose I could have squeezed all my books into my current Seattle apartment... for me, it's more about moving in with The Boyfriend. Then I won't have to have a separate bookcase in his apartment.

ames said...

Flitgirl - I'm a compulsive book buyer too. SO I have a huge TBR. I already got my book picked out for Angie's TBR challenge.