Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Power of RWA

I was in a writing slump recently. Bogged down by real life, the writing I'd always loved had begun to feel like work. *shudder* But now, virtually overnight, I'm back in the zone again, charged up and psyched about being an author of romancey goodness.

How'd that happen? Well, it just so happens the Romance Writers of America national conference was last week. Was I there? Nope. But reading the online "live from" updates and post-conference accounts from people who were was almost as good. Their excitement spilled over into me and I remembered that conference energy, the feeling of simpatico with other authors and romance lovers. I cheered when I read the twitter feed with the RITA & Golden Heart results and I've been getting a contact high reading my emails from recently returned conference attendees.

That's the magic of conference, the power of a community of writers - they can energize you up from a thousand miles away. I'm already making plans for RWA 2011 in New York and I'm more excited than ever about my new WIP.

What about you? What gets you going again when your enthusiasm for writing starts to slip? Are you fired up by the company of writers? Already booking your tickets to NYC in 2011?


Donna Cummings said...

You're exactly right about feeling the magic and the energy of the conference, even from a remote location. :) I was thrilled to "watch" the awards ceremony via Twitter the other night, and I felt like I was part of the whole experience.

I'm definitely planning to go to next year's conference. I think I need a shot of REAL magic soon, not just VIRTUAL magic. LOL

Vivi Andrews said...

It is magical, isn't it? I'll see you there next year, Donna!

Christine said...

I came home tired, but super wired. A series idea came to me almost immediately. And I have two partial requests to send out. I loved every minute of the conference and all the wonderful people who continue to inspire me to pursue my dreams.

Kate Diamond said...

Sometimes I have to clear my plate.

I had a student contact me for a recommendation, and it's been haunting me for a week. Instead of working on that (or my novel) I just frittered away time online and felt sorry for myself.

So. I wrote the rec. And then I read a Jennifer Crusie essay (which I will probably blog about later) and now I feel mentally de-cluttered.

Yay! Writing time!