Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alaskan Adventure: the Cover Vote

You long-term readers of the blog will note that I have a group of friends from college who occasionally go on "Super Special" adventures. This is where we meet up for an event that involves travel and hijinks. For those of you former Baby-Sitters Club fans, we totally stole the "Super Special" idea from them.

For a history on my college friends (and why we're called the GISP) you can visit this previous post. (Bonus! The post shows me in my wedding dress, because my nuptials were Super Special #1.) In the post, I also promised to share pictures from Super Special #2: Alaskan Adventure. Fool that I am, I promised to share those pictures in a timely fashion.

Clearly, that hasn't happened... nor is it going to this moment.

Rather, I need your vote. I have two potential Super Special covers (because yes, we like to pretend that our vacations are books). I also have one gratuitously posed picture. Yes! You can click on them to make them bigger.

Which do you think would make an excellent Super Special cover?
And while we're on the subject of covers... anyone have a cover you love, or a cover you love to hate? All the better if it's a BSC book!

#1: Gratuitous Posing

#2 Copper River
#3 Rafting Near Glaciers


Anna Richland said...

Number 3, hands down. Everyone's looking at the reader(#1, the characters seem a bit distanced/not involved). Outfits suggest adventure and mild danger.

But where's the hunky guide? Don't you need one of those? Or am I in the wrong genre?

Jaime said...

I agree, #3. The hunky guide was a middle aged lady who only just managed not to make fun of me and my fear of falling into the rapids, as I recall...

Theresa said...

I like #2 - it's like a moment caught on film.

Funny, I was just going to email you to tell you about a dream I had involving you and the new updated Babysitters Club books. Must be in touch!

Ladytink_534 said...

I would have said the first one until I saw the last. That's a great photo and I adore the background though it looks way too cold for me!

Sam @ Parenthetical said...

#3, baby. I love how the yellow of our stylin' rafting gear picks up the yellow in the Super Special font.

Also, I love you, and I totally wish we were in Alaska again RIGHT NOW. (Not least of which because it was never 90 degrees there, whereas Boston has been all about the 90+ degrees lately. Hmph.)

Lexi said...

Personally I like the gratuitous posing, but it'll be easier to photoshop me into #2 or #3...

Kate Diamond said...

There are new BSC books?! (Pause while I conduct a hasty Internet search...)

Theresa, if you read an exciting article somewhere about the update, please post a link. And if it was only in your dreams, I am officially traumatized.

(Trying to imagine what got updated... guessing it's the outfits that were always described at great length in Chapter Two.)