Saturday, May 15, 2010

Real Romance

This morning, I lolled in bed until a seriously late hour. When I could finally be bothered to kick back the covers, my husband was just coming home from running errands. And what did he have in his hands? A Starbucks latte just for me!

"This is the kind you like, right?" he asked, handing over the perfect cup 'o designer Joe. I was impressed, for several reasons: (1) My drink order is embarrassingly complicated. (2) My drink order has changed since we started dating. (3) Normally I get Starbucks on the way to work, when I'm alone and cranky.

His powers of observation regarding such a little thing made me feel so loved... and so well-known. And, really, the two go hand in hand!

To me, this is real romance. I don't need an emotionally wounded vampire. I wouldn't know what to do with a wealthy alpha oil tycoon. In my daily life, I get my romantic kicks off of little things like this. I'm so glad to be married to even-keeled Mr. Marvelous, who know how to do the laundry and doesn't complain when we eat Cheerios for dinner. What a guy!

I want to know about your real-life romance! What are the little things your hero (or heroine) does to inspire you? Alternatively, who are some real life romance couples you know--and what makes them so great? (Yes, I imagine I'll go on and on about my parents in the comments section.)


Anna Richland said...

The coffee delivery is a killer, isn't it? Mr. Richland is a marathoner, which means many before work runs. He used to bring me a latte from up the street three or four mornings a week on the way back from his 8-mile run. After a couple years he happily gave me a Nespresso one-touch pod latte/coffee machine for Christmas. I'm functioning earlier in the morning, but a little bit of the romance left the coffee.

Erin said...

Every so often Ray brings me a tea latte when he meets me at school. It always gives me a little tug when he gets the order right without any reminders.

Kali said...

My drink order changes with my moods and half the time even I don't know what I want. My hubby always manages to guess correctly though. I swear he's psychic sometimes.
His best romantic move though is taking our son down to "help" him in the garage so I can write in peace.

Kate Diamond said...

Thank you all for sharing! Isn't it funny that drink orders are such a huge part of romance?

Tonight, Mr. Marvelous will attend a school play with me. This isn't the most romantic date ever... the fact that he's willing to accompany me on one of my teacher outings really makes me appreciative!

Anonymous said...
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Shelli Stevens said...

Oh man I have no real life romance *sob!*

But I did tag you on my blog, feel free to ignore it :P

Mom said...

That son-in-law of mine is Mr. Marvelous, I'm glad you found such a wonderful man to share your life. You do realize that this makes you Ms Marvelous? Yeah, you are.