Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yearbook Photos!

If you haven't been over to Holly's page lately, it's worth checking out. She recently posted about an absolute gem of a website, I was inspired... as some of you know, The Husband and I went to high school together, but we didn't meet until seven years after he'd graduated (and five years after I had).

So I decided to use the website to answer the question: what would we have looked like as high school sweethearts? And how does our "look" change depending on the decade?

Enjoy, and let me know which one is your favorite!


Holly said...

Those are hilarious! I'm especially fond of the ones from the 80's. Too freaking funny.

Glad you played, too.

Sam said...

Oh man! Mike's 70s one is definitely my favorite. For you, I love the sexy-librarian 50s one. Excellent.

Alas, I went back to work today and therefore no longer have time for fun web toys. My life is pain.

Anneliese Kelly said...

Definitely '40s glasses Kate D. Fun times! You look like a smart (and sexy) bitch.

Ashley Ladd said...

How cool. I have to find a pic of my hubby on line and try this.

Congrats on your marriage. May you have an eternity of wedded bliss.