Sunday, April 06, 2008

Honeymoon, or Getaway?

Dear reader, you must be wondering if I'm ever going to get back to posting about writing and/or reading. Rest assured that I have not abandoned these pursuits entirely! However, I do so enjoy putting forth the occasional wedding plan poll, and I might as well take advantage of the opportunity while I can!

So. Today's question is about romantic getaways. The Fiancé and I decided long ago that we would take vacations at least four times a year (once a season). Sadly, we're only averaging about once a year... and I would like to step things up to the original plan! We have also decided to spend four nights on the Oregon coast. This could be a progressive honeymoon (start at the southernmost point of interest, and work our way back up to Washington) or we might just stay in one place and relax. Some of our favorite things to do on any vacation include:

  • Behaving in an utterly mushy and romantic manner
  • Sleeping in--comfortable rooms a must!
  • Eating very good food and drinking fantastic beverages
  • Spoiling ourselves at a spa
  • Doing a wine-tasting, if at all possible
With that in mind, the following options are up for the honeymoon. Take a virtual tour! Help us decide where to go! Or, if you happen to be an Oregon Coast Aficionado, tell me about the hidden little gem of a town/hotel I've forgotten in my search.

The Edgefield - Troutdale, Oregon
Okay, so it's not on the coast. But it does have many lovely options for food and drink--including a winery out back! Ooh, pretty! And tasty! Ooh, and a spa! Check out the website. Isn't it cool? I love McMenamins, and this is supposed to be their best hotel. I mean, who wouldn't love to spend the night in a converted poor farm? Woohoo! Well, perhaps this might be good for a quick weekend vacation later in the year.
The Inn At Spanish Head - Lincoln City, Oregon
Apparently, it's the state's only resort hotel built right on the beach. Floor-to-ceiling windows, balconies, and full kitchens in many of the rooms (not that I plan to cook on my honeymoon!) Amenities include: oceanfront restaurant and bar, outdoor heated pool, ocean-view spa, a short elevator ride to the beach. Although... I couldn't find a link to the spa. Could anyone else?

Hecata Head Lighthouse - Florence, Oregon

This bed and breakfast is a converted lighthouse keeper's cottage. You get to wander around the grounds (including the lighthouse). Amenities include: gorgeous decor, a decadent seven-course breakfast every morning, and a chance for Kate to feel like Anne of Green Gables. There is no spa on the lonely cliff (go figure), but the Overleaf Spa is close by in Yachata.

Cannon Beach, Oregon
Squee! The spa! How lovely. Whenever you tell anyone that you're going to Oregon for a romantic reason, they say "Go to Cannon Beach." I have no idea where we'd stay, though. I looked at links for The Ocean Lodge or The Stephanie Inn. They both look nice. What does everyone think?

All right! I would love your thoughts--we're going to try to book our honeymoon this week!


Alyssa Goodnight said...

They all look AWESOME! Any of them would be lovely, I'm sure. I've never been to Oregon and have been pining to go. I'll be eagerly anticipating your post-honeymoon post!

Anneliese Kelly said...

They look beautiful, and my vote is for either the first (food and wine attract me) or the last, and to stay at the Stephanie. The thought of the "European style spa retreat" makes me think of Armadale, The Good Soldier, and Edith Wharton.

Of course lighthouses make me think of Pete's Dragon. I always wanted to clean a lighthouse in three part harmony.

Shelli Stevens said...

Oh! I've been to The Inn at Spanish Head (long time ago) I don't remember much...umm. It was a long time ago. Gorgeous though. Good restaurant.

How fun! I'm so jealous, I need to travel more. I just combine travel and conferences. LOL.

Pam said...

Probably chiming in too late, but our family has always liked Newport OR -- As a scribbling woman, you might check out the Sylvia Beach Hotel -- not luxurious, but fun, and the beaches at Newport are beautiful and less crowded than say Cannon Beach or Lincoln City (not more beautiful, just less crowded).

Anonymous said...

My co-workers and I all had a look (I mean, during lunch because we are so busy, not because we were killing time playing on YouTube), and the general consensus was Cannon Beach. It combined lovely scenery, things to do and really neat looking hotels. We also really like the lighthouse, but it seemed that once the light house had been seen, there wasn't tons to do.

Did you know that White Castle is a fast food restaurant? I did not. Now the title of that movie makes so much more sense to me.


By the way, I am getting rid of Corben. No joke. Do you want him?

Ladytink_534 said...

I'd have to go with Cannon Beach b/c it looks so pretty!

Kate Diamond said...

We're going to Cannon Beach! And we've decided to stay at a charming little bed and breakfast; I just talked to the owner on the phone and she started asking me about what foods we like. FABULOUS.