Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sick Days Done Right

No writing news (still waiting to hear back from an agent), but I've spent my flu days this week watching some excellent movies any romance fan would love.

First up, the new BBC/PBS Jane Eyre. I caught most of this when it was on Masterpiece Theatre a few weeks ago, but missed about an hour--naturally, the hour in which Jane and Rochester declare their love and have the aborted wedding. So of course I had to order the DVD. It arrived yesterday and I watched all 4 hours in one sitting. One of the best Jane adaptations I've ever seen. Rochester is sexy and brooding, but also smiley and neither too movie-star handsome, nor too weird-looking and frightening. Jane is self-assured, not a quivering little nervous flower. Some liberties taken (as expected) but over all, strongly recommended.

Second, I caught Casanova on tv today. Not the Donald Sutherland /Fellini version (which is incredibly stylized and oddly compelling), but the 2005 version starring Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller. Heath Ledger makes a fabulous Casanova, witty, clever and charming. For once I don't hate Sienna Miller in a movie. Maybe it's her brunette 'do (and lack of leggings). It's a witty, frothy script and entirely fun. Plus, it's filmed on location in Venice, set in the 18th century and full of incredible Baroque music by Albioni, Vivaldi, Teleman and Handel.

Okay, off to use my last remaining strength of the day to pick up some sick reading from Barnes and Noble: Jenny Crusie, Celeste Bradley, Madeline Hunter and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.


Kate D. said...

Oh! So sorry to hear that you're sick. Apparently the flu's making the rounds on both coasts. Glad, though, that you stayed home and watched a good movie or two...

... I convalesced with "Sense & Sensibility" for the 8th time in a row. Didn't have the energy to watch all of Anne. Kept drifting in and out of consciousness. But Colonel Brandon? Smokin' hot!

I love me some Alan Rickman.

(Trust Snape.)

Maren said...

Everybody is sick. I'm starting to be grateful for my lack of mid-west social life. Even my students can't leave the hospital, so no carrier monkey plagues. However, one of my calves did give me ringworm, so I suppose that's the tradeoff.
I kept seeing the adds for Jane Eyre and missing it. I'll have to try harder know that it's been favorably reviewed. While Alan Rickman is definetely the hottest thing about Sense and Sensibility, I must admit that it is Hugh Laurie's character that always makes me smile. Not hot though, admittedly.
The Heath Ledger Casanova was cute, but Masterpiece Theatre did a version with Peter O'Toole and the Scottish David Tennant that I thought was even better. It's a bit harder to get a hold of, but worth it if there are more sick days ahead. Recommended.
My sick days still require The 10th Kingdom. Immature? Yes. Satisfying and comforting? Also yes. But then, I am also the person who still has to call my mom at one am for comfort if I feel really ill, so I am hardly an example of shining adulthood.
Has anyone ever done a good movie version of Mansfield Park?

theflitgirl said...

Maren to answer your last question, no.

Merlin said...

Nice to hear from you Kate : Hendrix and The Doors are just the tip of a very, very large iceberg.

I saw Snow Patrol in Holland last year (I see they're one of your favourites) and I like Postal Service too.

Anyone else you like ?

And there's nothing wrong with New Kids On The Block (who are they ?)

Best Wishes,


Kate D. said...

There's a reason you've never heard of New Kids on the Block (or NKOTB, as they were briefly called before tanking). They were a sugary, sad, manufactored boy band.

I had the posters. Oh, and a collectible doll.

raspberry swyrl said...

the doll with the real rattail?

see I don't think rochester can be smiley, he has to be all broody and snarly and tormented, and no can't be really too handsome, more rugged...jane has to be plain but self assured is alright