Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where Have All the DSW Gone?

You may have noticed a dearth of Damned Scribbling Women on this website lately. Well, there's good reason for it:

(1) the Flitgirl recently acquired a puppy, and this adorable new member of her household keeps her up every night (barking). Not a distraction that a newly-minted graduate student needs as she sets out to make a name for herself!

(2) Kate D. has discovered that teaching high school students about the glories of Great Gatsby is rather akin to climbing a mountain of pudding. In her first year of teaching at a public high school, she's exhausted and a little cranky. Not much time for reading romance... or writing it... when you're assigning ever-piling heaps of work (that yet remain ungraded...)

(3) Both of these Damned Scribbling Women have joined their friend
Theresa at Anatomy Lab, where they'll soon be picking apart the Season Premiere of Grey's Anatomy! In our minds, Thursday can't come quickly enough... although our need to obsessively review the doings at Seattle Grace Hospital means that our pathetically limited time is now divided between two blogs. Sorry.

If you're a Grey's fan, visit our new blog and add your comments to our own! And we promise to post more regularly once our lives settle down. Really. We mean that. Okay?


ames said...

What kind of puppy did the Flitgirl get? And if you let the puppy sleep with you, he won't bark.

Hope things get better with the teaching Kate.

Theresa said...

I can't check the other blog yet because I know you saw it hours ago, and I'm having a Grey's Anatomy kind of night on call - thus necessitating missing the season premiere! I do have 3 - yes, 3 - people taping it for me. But how ironic.

Holly said...

Ok, this is something I just noticed, but did Bailey ALWAYS have that mushroom haircut?

Anywho, Kate, I hope things settle down for you and Flitgirl, I hope your puppy settles down, too.

Mailyn said...

Awwww a puppy! Yeps, those can drive you bonkers.

ANd OMG high school kids, how do you do it!? I'd have killed them all. LOL.

tagideon said...

I have first hand knowledge that Kate D is a fantastic teacher. Her class is fun, fast paced, she's firm but fair with the little cherubs. Both staff and students love her.

You may want to ask her about the lovely flowers she was given on her first day. :)

Miss Scarlett said...

Congrats on the puppy! They are a lot of work in the beginning - no wonder we haven't seen you here.
Oh - high school. That takes a special teacher! I am very impressed.
I am heading over to your other blog right now!

theflitgirl said...

Thanks for the encouragement (and sorry for the abandonment).

The puppy is a Havanese named Bella and she's 13 weeks old. She's adorable and a complete handful. Add that to the 40 hours of reading I do a week (plus class, plus tutoring) and you have one very busy flitgirl.

I am slowly reading a romance novel and will post on it when I finish...six weeks from now? When are midterms????