Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SOS--Parting Gifts

I need your help!

My student-teaching stint is almost over, and I want to procure parting gifts for my cooperating teachers. What would be most appropriate? Books, of course!

I'm very close to one of my cooperating teachers and I want to get her something humorous. She knows that I read romance novels and that I'm attempting (not so much, lately) to write one. So I want to find her a really well-written romance novel starring a teacher as the heroine.

Any recommendations? I need these ASAP--last day of teaching is April 7th!


Theresa said...

The only romance novel starring teachers that I've ever read have been beyond hideous. Although there is the kindergarden teacher in SEP's It Had to be You. A little minor, though. Of course, In Good Faith involves the math professor who is -gasp - a woman and therefore can't be smart. See? A paucity of choices. I'll let you know if I think of something good.

theflitgirl said...

Anything but In Good Faith! The incredibly important math professor (who's advanced so far in her profession at age 30...guess she finished her doctorate when she was 22) spends all her time grading undergrad papers.

Do some research, Judith McWilliams!

Mary Balogh's Longing isn't bad...historical about a governess set in Wales.

Dylan said...

Hmmm, do you want a historical or a contemporary? I'll put my thinking cap on (and call all of my friends) and I will be back later with some suggestions, alright?

Until then...

Kate D. said...

Silly me. I just remembered two Crusie novels are about teachers. There's "Tell Me Lies" (not my favorite Crusie) and "Drive Me Crazy." Bonus: the heroine is an art teacher doing sets for the school play, and her ex is the football coach. Good, good times.

Holly said...

Kate D.,
Crusie's novel is actually called Crazy For You. That's the one I was going to suggest. It's well written and cute.

I know there are others, though, I just can't think what they are. LOL

There's a book by Karen Rose called Have You Seen Her and the heroine of that book is a teacher. It's a pretty good read, but not my favorite of the series.


Theresa said...

OK, so remember the worst ever romance novel you gave me for Christmas? Yeah. Read it. It. Is. Horrible. So bad. The hippy? The schizophrenic daughter? The weird exes? Pain. Pain. Pain.

Dylan said...

Ooh, Jennifer Crusie is a good choice...Drive me Crazy is actually one of my favorite books by her...Nick Ziegler is one major stud!

Hi Holly!