Friday, February 10, 2006

Mini-Macky-D Post

I'll post a longer, official Friday Review later today. But for now, an observation:

I'm reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Dream A Little Dream (widow of a crooked televangelist returns to the town he swindled, etc. etc.). And I'm noticing the excessive amounts of fast food consumed by the characters. Seriously, every meal mentioned is either McDonald's or KFC. The hero's trying to fatten up the starved heroine, but hasn't he heard of broccoli? Pasta? Complex charbohydrates?

They even get their coffee from McDonald's, which no sane person would do! The complete lack of any understanding of how awful this food is for you (combined with the fact that one of the charcters gets a "sexy" makeover and starts wearing tight tops tucked into white jeans) convinced me that this book was written in the '80s. But the copyright* is '98.

Is this a reprint? Or does SEP just really enjoy crap food?

* original post read copywrite. I have a one-track mind.


Theresa said...

Two things: copyright not copywrite. It's a legal thing, not a writing thing.

Second, it does seem earlier to me, too. Funny you should mention it - I just picked up It Had to Be You today at the used bookstore. I was feeling SEP-ish, and this is my favorite.

Toasty Joe said...

Third, the coffee and McDonald's is not bad at all. And fourth, thanks to T for correcting Flitty on "copyright," so I didn't have to do it.

theflitgirl said...

In my book it will always be copywrite and playwright.

I'm just concerned for this character. Her cholesterol must be shooting through the roof. Constant McDonalds does not a healthy woman make.

Still need to snag a copy of It Had To Be You. Never is one at my book store.