Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Resolutions Part 1

Kate D has womanfully womanned this ship while I've been off getting engaged and travelling to Mexico. But now I'm back and it's high time I gave her a break.

So, 2006 is upon us. For starters, a quip recap of 2005:

- Finished draft 1 of the Wedding Widow
- Made first collage of Wedding Widow
- Began revisions on Wedding Widow
- Abandoned revisions of Wedding Widow to work on graduate school applications
- Last but not least, co-wrote about 6 months worth of Damned Scribbling Women

So, for 2006, I henceforth commit to the following courses of action:

- Will finish the Wedding Widow and submit to publishers
- Will write short Young Adult novel
- Will begin second in Merry Widows series
- Will not allow actually attending grad school to derail writing in the way applying did
- Will not allow planning a wedding to derail writing...much
- Will not insert fiance into all future novels...though that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing
- Will be much better blogging partner for the marvelous Kate D.

As far as more specific writing aspirations go, I will try to go cold turkey from my addiction to adjectives, never use a romance trope without searching for a twist on it, and will incorporate Clydesdales into every book I write in honor of Kate D.

Oh yeah, and I'll exercise more.

So...too ambitious?

On to you, Kate.


Kate D. said...

You know, I always got a kick out of Julia Quinn's running dedication to her husband. Maybe instead of putting The Fiance in your novels, you can do something like that... :)

Congratulations. And no worries about me womanly womaning the blog. It will be your turn in February, when I'm deep into student teaching...

Theresa said...

Nothing like a little ambition . . . I vote yes on the Clydesdales.

How are the Christmas scarves? (Since we were speaking of ambition . . .)