Monday, December 12, 2005

Green Eyed and Bushy Tailed

My esteemed blog partner and my best friend (Theresa of the impossible-to-overpraise Knitting Underway) are currently enjoying ten Pacific Northwest days of knitting, in-depth romantic analysis, blog-maintenance tips (expect a vastly improved Damned Scribbling Women after this visit) and lots of novel-talk. And I'm...well, I'm feeling a little jealous. I want to be there, too!

I don't know if envy is an essential part of every writer's psyche, but it's certainly part of mine. Sometimes I think it spurs me on to work harder. I want what other writers have so much (namely, to be published) that I force myself to work even when I don't want to and would rather just watch Grey's Anatomy (though really, shouldn't the well-organized writer be able to do both?)

Then there are those times when I'm so jealous of another writer's talent, talent I know I'll never have, that I feel sick and sad. That's not good jealousy.

Living in New York refines your envy trigger to a whisper's touch. After all, most people outside this densely-packed city don't have the experience of walking past multi-million dollar properties on their way from their sad little fifth-floor walk-up one-bedroom converted on their way to the subway. Oh, and the townhouses look so pretty decorated for Christmas! They all have ivy and evergreen wound around the iron railings and wreaths on the doors and Christmas lights shining through the windows from huge, heigh-ceilinged rooms.

Ah well, have fun Kate D. and Theresa. Try not to miss me too much!


Toasty Joe said...

Hi flitgirl & co. I just wanted to get in a plus for our ridiculous blog at Just for a change of pace from all this knitting/chicklit stuff. Bye!

theflitgirl said...

Toasted or not, joe, I don't know what to make of this.

Theresa said...

We miss you much, flitgirl! It'd be way more fun with you. Now that I'm moving to San Diego, we're thinking of fun girls' weekends down there in nice weather. Maybe next fall?

Toasty Joe said...

Count me in!

Kate D. said...

flitgirl, we are having so much fun, but we would be having so much MORE fun if you were here! We went shopping in cute little boutiques in Ballard and it made us think of you.