Saturday, October 08, 2005

Convention Wrap up, Part I

I've just returned from the New Jersey Romance Writers' convention. And what a busy, baffling two days it was. First, the bad news:

- Despite all my stressing, I didn't get an agent/editor appointment, after all. So no chance to pitch the Wedding Widow.

Now, the good news:

- Despite all my stressing, I didn't get an agent/editor appointment. So I will now not be forced to finish and revise in two weeks just to send off an inferior ms to a potentially indifferent publisher.

Other good news: I met a bunch more published authors, including another who is willing to read my book, and reconnected with some of the one's I'd met at a previous convention in April. This is clutch for a couple reasons. a) It's fun to talk to authors. b) It's fun to make new friends. c) When I go to the RWA national convention next summer (and, yes, Kate you are coming with me. Trust me on this one) I will have published friends with agents and editors to introduce me to.

I also spoke to one of my writing/life idols, who happens to work at one of the schools I'm applying to for grad programs. That's always good. And I attended a couple of great workshops, one about revising, one about plotting. I've always been resistant to "writing classes" in any context other than workshops, but this practical advice was actually really useful...particularly to our own, beloved Kate D. I believe one of the sub-topics was "How to jump start your plot."

More about the practical advice in a future update.

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Theresa said...

Wouldn't it be nice if someone had told me that we weren't rounding until 8:30 before I showed up at 6am? Grrr . . . I'm wearing a Navy uniform as I type this. Hope that adds to your fun.

Not sure I have any insightful comments vis-a-vis romance novels. Read a really intriguing one Colleen had given me about a French legionaire and a Boston librarian on a search for Moroccan scrolls - fascinating characters, actually.

With regards to Kate's plot issues, I'd stay away from shape-shifting personally. Alcohol always functions well as a social lubricant - and the post-drunken-hook-up conversation the next day has serious entertainment potential. Clearly the sexual tension is already there, so it wouldn't take much, and it gets you to Point B, with all sorts of fun insecurity issues still attached (e.g. did she only hook up with him because she was drunk, does she actually have any sex appeal to a sober straight man, etc?)

As far as our flitgirl goes, you have so many revision plans, I think it's a blessing to have more time to work on them and get things more polished. What's another 6 mos if it means having a great novel?