Friday, September 09, 2005


I hit 100,000 words today. I thought I'd be done by this point when I started the book back in December, and I have 15-20,000 more to go.

But there was a time I never thought I'd be able to write as much as I already have. With my head, I know I'll finish. But never having actually finished a novel, it still seems like an impossibility. And I'm getting that writer's wanderlust...other projects seem so appealing just because I'm not actually working on them yet. Not actually screwing them up yet.

As soon as I type "The End" I'm going to put the book away in a drawer, take a week off from writing and buy a big bottle of champagne. And drink the whole thing myself. With potato chips.

Bonus points if anyone can identify that movie.


Kate D. said...

I don't know the champagne and potato chips reference, but have you seen "Romancing the Stone"? It's one of my guilty pleasure movies, and it opens with Kathleen Turner tossing a champagne flute into her fireplace to celebrate the End of the Draft.


Kate D. said...

Also, might I add that I am mildly green with envy here? Ah, if only the end were in sight for my characters... they haven't had so much as a belt come undone yet.

theflitgirl said...

Please, envy is wasted on this book. Right now I'm absolutely certain that everything I've written is a pile of pig slop and that I'd have been better served being more discriminating from the get-go.

And the movie is "The Seven Year Itch." Picture Marilyn Monroe in tight pink satin pedal pushers with a matching pink satin bolero dunking potato chips into champagne and breathily declaring, "It's just elegant!"

Fun, non?